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Posted by Rebecca Sundvall on Aug 14, 2018 1:09:28 PM

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The Stockholm office is growing and our latest additions are two newly graduated software developers, Kim and Emil. We discussed what it is that they are working with, how they chose this path and the excitement of living in the Swedish capital.

Hi Kim & Emil! First of all, can you tell us a bit about yourselves? What did you do before joining Entercash?

Kim: I grew up in a small town called Norrtälje a couple of miles north of Stockholm. I played football from young age up to my twenties reaching semi-pro level. After realising it wouldn’t be my full time living I moved to Stockholm to study at KTH. On my spare time I like to cook and eat good food. I also enjoy running and training at the gym. Before I started working here I studied Computer Science at KTH and worked part time at Viaplay alongside my studies.

Emil: I’m a 24 year old guy from Umeå. This spring I finished my studies and decided to move and try my luck here in Stockholm. I like running, especially in the forest with a map and compass. When I’m not running you may find me watching a TV series, reading a book, programming or enjoying the company of my friends and family. Before joining Entercash I was studying computing science at Umeå University. During the last year of my studies I also worked part time as a software developer at Intinor, which is a company in Umeå developing solutions for sending video and audio over internet.

Why did you choose to join Entercash?

Kim: I wanted to work with FinTech and had a good first contact with the people working here. It felt like they really wanted to help me grow as a developer.

Emil: At the time it seemed like they could provide a job with interesting work tasks and a positive work environment. Also working in FinTech looked very exciting because it is such a hot industry right now.

What do you do at Entercash? What are the biggest challenges with your job and what do you enjoy the most?

Kim: I work with system development covering both frontend and backend. As a newly graduated, I find the biggest challenges are to learn the system and the domain. Also the technologies used at the company are challenging to learn in the beginning, sometimes it can be a lot but I find that motivating. I really enjoy the problem solving and that you get to test and develop your skills every day.

Emil: I’m working as a software developer mostly focusing on the backend part of the system. The biggest challenge is that I have to learn new stuff all the time. It may be a new behaviour of the system, a new concept or a new programming language. This is also what I like about my job. I love learning new things.

Since you work in our Stockholm office, what do you enjoy the most about working in the Swedish capital?

Kim: Stockholm is a great city to work in with very nice people and a lot of fun activities to do. Since I’m a big fan of eating delicious food I really enjoy the restaurant selection in Stockholm.

Emil: I feel like Stockholm is the perfect mix between city and nature. You have the city core where you can experience the city life, but you don’t have to go that far to get out in the woods to the peace and quiet. I really like this mixture since I enjoy both the city and the woods. I also like all the different restaurants that are available. There are a lot of options for lunch compared to when I worked in Umeå.


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