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The future of payments whitepaper 2018

Posted by Rebecca Sundvall on Aug 10, 2018 11:28:56 AM

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Payments is an ever evolving industry which constantly forces you to stay on top of trends and consumer needs. It is truly an industry that changes rapidly.

Right now the European Union is going through a number of changes that will affect the world of Payments as we know it. First of all, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was introduced this spring (2018), and the PSD2 (Revised Payment Services Directive) is being rolled out this year. The first one focusing on customer data protection and the later one on creating one single financial market within the EU. 2018 is, in other words, a year that could define the future of payments as we know it.

This is the reason why we have created a whitepaper were we will go through what we believe should be the key focus points for anyone working with handling payments online. Basically, if you work in payments or have payment options integrated in your business this document is for you.

 Download the whitepaper

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